Dr. Dre and Ice Cube Share Inspiration Behind ‘Straight Outta Compton’

Straight Outta Compton hits theaters on Friday. In anticipation of the N.W.A biopic, directed by F. Gary Gray, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre sat down to discuss their roots and the city that made them.

“Where I grew up, there were a lot of people there that weren’t even proud to say they were from Compton,” said Dre, who is donating the royalties from his album Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre to help fund a youth arts center in his hometown.

N.W.A’s 1988 debut serves as a tribute to Compton. “This is probably one of the reasons why we decided to call the record Straight Outta Compton, so we could show where we’re coming from, and that we’re proud of where we’re coming from,” explained Dre.

According to Cube, it was the late Eazy-E who “was adamant to put Compton on the map.”

Thanks to Beats, you too can put on for your city with the “Straight Outta Somewhere” meme generator.