Angel Haze

New Music: Angel Haze – ‘Babe Ruthless’

Angel Haze is gearing up to release a new mixtape called Back to the Woods on Sept. 14. We’ve already heard her first drop from the project, the hard-hitting “Impossible,” and now she’s followed it up with a new one, entitled “Babe Ruthless.”

It’s characteristically vicious, with Haze swinging for the fences (so to speak) against all haters and competitors. In her commanding bark of a voice she calls herself “your favorite rapper’s mortician,” a flex if we’ve ever heard one.

“Babe Ruthless is my Machiavelli,” she told The FADER. “It’s me becoming Super Saiyan. It’s me becoming something you can’t label or contain and being better at it than all the versions of myself who’ve stepped up to bat before me.”

You can catch Angel performing at festivals in anticipation of the September release.