Moonrise Kingdom

New Music: Angel Haze – ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

Angel Haze starts off the week with a new single off her forthcoming album Back to the Woods. The Wes Anderson-inspired track, produced by Tk Kayembe, skips Haze’s typical ferocious lyricism and instead highlights Haze’s range as a singer on the catchy chorus. It’s a melancholy pop-R&B ballad from an artist who never settles comfortably into any genre.

“I think there is a lot to be said of a love gone wrong,” explained Haze. “I just wanted to explore the boundary between what occurred and what could have been. I painted a picture with the colors it taught me, whether they are auburn with selfishness, green with possessiveness or pink with the memories of sunsets and long kisses…somehow i managed to realize a kingdom wherein all the controversy, all the colors, all the rage, the fear, the trauma could be beautiful…I don’t know. Fuck love.”

Back to the Woods is due Sept. 14. To celebrate the release, Haze will host a live listening party and performance in Brooklyn on the same day.