Meek Mill Gets ‘Punk’d’

It’s not much of a stretch to call the last few months of Meek Mill’s career an extended episode of “Punk’d,” but he’s now been subject to the real thing.

On the latest episode of the BET prank show, Nicki Minaj’s boo gets in a sticky situation when he has to deal with a man who may not be as injured as he lets on. On the set of a video shoot, a wheelchair-bound individual lets Meek in on his secret—he’s pretending to be injured in order to receive charity.

Real “Punk’d” fans may remember that Trey Songz was subject to an almost identical prank a few weeks ago. Regardless, Meek’s face when the jig is revealed makes the whole thing worth it.

Watch the full episode, which also features Rosario Dawson, below.