Video: Disclosure feat. Lorde – ‘Magnets’

Lorde ventures to the dark side in the video for her Disclosure collaboration “Magnets.” At a party high in the hills, with two moons hanging in the sky, Lorde plays the femme fatale. She seduces a married man, casting longing glances at him across a party.

“Who’s that girl you’re with?” she croons, and makes out with him in the kitchen.

Turns out, she’s been in cahoots with that girl the whole time—in a twist that you may remember from Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” video, Lorde and the man’s wife team up for some sweet revenge on the two-timing man.

“Magnets” can be found on Disclosure’s new album Caracal, which also features Sam Smith, The Weeknd, and Miguel.