Lil Wayne Claims Birdman Ripped Off Drake, Nicki Minaj, & Tyga

The acrimonious legal disputes between Young Money and Cash Money continue to deepen, with new allegations from Lil Wayne’s camp.

According to TMZ, Wayne claims to have statements from representatives for Drake and Tyga saying they’ve been robbed of fortunes. Nicki Minaj, meanwhile, claims that Young Money ripped her off by failing to pay producers—Young Money claims that paying producers was Cash Money’s prerogative.

The amount of money at stake is substantial. Young Money alleges that it is owed a large chunk of a $100 million advance given to Cash Money by Universal. Birdman’s team responds that the money was in fact paid already, with $20 million going to Young Money in 2012, another $12 million for Wayne’s solo album, and another $70 million in advances.

Additionally, Cash Money claims that Wayne’s stable of artists was supposed to produce 21 albums over seven years, but in fact only contributed 13.

In January, Wayne filed a $51 million lawsuit against Birdman for his release from Cash Money. Long story short—this litigation isn’t going away anytime soon.