Tink Goes Behind Her BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher

  /  10.15.2015

Tink showed why she’s worthy of the hype when she went up alongside Charles Hamilton, Jackie Spade, and Joyner Lucas during one of six cyphers at the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2015. Now the Chicago MC, who’s readying her debut album Think Tink, describes the buildup to the big moment.

“I was dreaming of this a long time ago, so it’s big,” explains Tink. Asked what she loves about the cypher, she says that it has to do with “the theatrics,” adding, “I love to see people bring their bars to life.”

And she came ready to win. “I prepared for the cypher by getting busy in the lab,” she recalls. “When I got that call I immediately went to my personal space and I just worked and worked, I wrote until it sounded like perfection.”

Go behind the cypher with Tink, and check out her blistering bars here.

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