First Look: Rihanna Joins 'The Voice' as Key Advisor

  /  10.16.2015

It was announced over the summer that Rihanna would be joining “The Voice,” and now it’s finally happening. The first teaser has hit the net and it’s full of laughs, sass, and lots of bad gal moments. The clip opens with Rihanna spinning in the famous red chair for the first time and pushing the button as Pharrell yells, “Action!”

But he’s not the only one excited to see RiRi. Gwen Stefani can barely contain her excitement, clapping and dancing as she says her name. Blake Shelton gives her a high five and sings her praises (“You’re so good at this”).

The contestants also can’t get enough of the superstar, giving her hug after hug. She swoons over one contestant, calling him “sexy” and gives another contestant some styling tips for his hair.

And the platinum superstar has plenty of advice to dish along the way. “Fantasize about the perfect man ’cause it’s a fantasy,” she tells one singer. “It’s not real. It’s like perfection.”

“I think I’m a natural,” says RiRi.

We’d have to agree. Watch Rihanna in action on “The Voice” starting Oct. 26.

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