Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Speaks Out After Police Raid His House

Lil Wayne is only human. A day after his Miami mansion was raided and property was seized, the rapper is expressing his frustration.

Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s deputies busted down the door of Weezy’s La Gorce Island home on Tuesday to satisfy a $2 million judgement from Signature Group. The jet leasing company sued Wayne, claiming that he missed payments for two years. During the raid, cops seized pieces from Wayne’s $30 million art collection.

While Wayne was out of town at the time, the incident clearly took a toll on him. Weezy, who rarely tweets, took to Twitter to reflect on recent events. “It’s days like 2day dat make me ? everything,even myself But I guess dis is da thx I get,” he wrote. “Sum times it’s tough 2b tough & even tougher 2b me.”

The police raid made him reflect on his fame and family. “I ain’t shit but my mother, my kids & their mothers r EVERYTHING & dat I know, so on the days ? everything, I use dat as the answer 2 it all.”

Rick Ross, who’s being dealing with his own legal issues lately, shared his support for his friend. “Watching @LilTunechi CMB defining career and seeing his current situation hurts my heart,” tweeted Rozay. “Like I tell my Luv ones ‘some Gshit gone come thru.'”

But despite the drama, Wayne remains focused on the music. He is gearing up to release his mixtape No Ceilings 2 on Thanksgiving.