First Look: Adele Performs ‘Hello’ for BBC Special

Adele will release her first album in four years, 25, in just two weeks. As part of the promotion, the British songstress stars in “Adele at the BBC,” her first television performance since she sang “Skyfall” at the 2013 Academy Awards.

During the hour-long special for BBC One, she performs her record-breaking single “Hello” for the first time and sits down with Graham Norton for a candid chat.

“It was that thing of, ‘Do I or don’t I wanna go back to my music?'” she said while discussing her return. “Obviously I do, and I just wanted to make sure that everything was in place for me to do it so I could it do properly. I can’t do anything else. This is all that I like doing.”

During the Q&A, Adele admits that she no longer has access to her own Twitter account, which is now run by her management. “When Twitter first came out, I was drunk tweeting and nearly put my foot in it quite a few times,” she explains. “But they’re all my tweets. No one writes my tweets, they just post them for me.”

Get a sneak peek of the special before it airs on Nov. 20.