Rihanna Unlocks First ANTIdiaRy Room

Rihanna is starting to unlock access to her ANTIdiaRy—one video at a time. In partnership with Samsung, she launched the immersive experience during the 2015 American Music Awards on Sunday.

Inspired by Roy Nachum, who designed the ANTI cover art, the creative collaboration takes fans on a mysterious journey through Rihanna’s life story.

In the first minute-long clip, titled “Bedroom,” Rihanna reflects on her childhood while in an all-white room with two children. She picks up a key labeled “R8” and follows them through a hall before they disappear into a dark room. We see another child, presumably her, wearing a gold crown like the cover art.

“Like Rihanna, Samsung is committed to reimagining and reinventing what’s possible in technology and culture, pushing boundaries to deliver what’s next to our fans—and hers,” reads a press release. “And just as Rihanna has served as a voice of disruption in art, music, fashion, and culture, Samsung has once again, disrupted what’s possible with its innovative ambitions and technologies.”

Look out for more videos in the days ahead, leading up to the release of her eighth album ANTI.