Or Wut

New Music: T-Pain feat. Plies – ‘Or Wut’

T-Pain’s album Stoicville: The Phoenix has been delayed until next year, but he holds us over with a new song called “Or Wut” featuring Plies. The Auto-Tuned slow jam, which he recorded last night, finds Teddy P. in baby-making mode and ready to “bust a nut.”

“Shawty, you gon’ let a ni**a fuck or what?” he asks, while Plies does Drake’s “Hotline Bling” dance and declares “pussy good like Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie.”

“The song is pretty self explanatory,” T-Pain told The FADER. “I was working on it last night and it just felt super sexy and I knew I had to let my fans hear it. It’s nothing official, just something to hold the fans down until I drop Stoicville: The Phoenix.”

As for Stoicville, it currently has no release date. “You gotta ask RCA, they seem to have it all figured out,” said T-Pain.