Pusha T

Watch Pusha T’s ‘Darkest Before Dawn’ Short Film

With his album Darkest Before Dawn in stores today, Pusha T accompanies the music with a short film. The 20-minute visual, directed by Kid Art, opens with a thunderstorm before all hell breaks lose. The cops bust down the door in a drug raid while King Push and his crew are on the run. The cinematic clip, which carries its own disclaimer for graphic content, co-stars singer-actor Rotimi, who helped coach Pusha.

“Rotimi was an awesome acting coach,” the G.O.O.D. Music president told fans in a Reddit Q&A. “I want to learn the art of theater because of Darkest Before Dawn and I respect the process of acting very much. My inspiration was to just show how miracles come in different forms and to show even though you might not do the right thing all the time that you live by a certain set of principles.”

Darkest Before Dawn is now available to stream. You can also catch Pusha on the road starting in March.