Carlos Eric Lopez/DuJour

Tyga Gets Dapper in DuJour Magazine

What’s inside Tyga’s house? King Gold Chains opens his palace doors to DuJour magazine for a photo shoot featuring naked mannequins in Kylie Jenner-inspired hairstyles.

The self-proclaimed “King of Dopeness” appears in the issue sporting his newly-dyed blond hair and diamond rings, decked out in a striped black-and-white BILLY jacket over a Givenchy shirt. He also rocks a Saint Laurent jacket and BILLY shirt in other snaps.

In the high-fashion spread, Tyga is seen caressing a mannequin’s chin, photographing another one of his plastic lady friends on a pool table, and looking out from a window at his lavish home.

See photos and check out highlights from DuJour‘s convo with Tyga below.

Tyga Gets Dapper DuJour

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Tyga Gets Dapper DuJour


On Kanye West: “You learn something by just having a conversation with him. And he listens, and that’s the thing I do. I listen to everybody and then I take it and put my own thought on it. That’s just how life is. God puts us in places. It’s for you to make the decision whether you go left or right.”

On privacy: “I only like people to know what I want them to know. People didn’t know what Tupac was doing. That’s why he was so iconic. Before [the Internet], it was real superstars. I don’t engage with people that much. You can’t base your life off waking up every morning like, ‘What are people saying about me now?’ Then I’d never stay in my creative headspace. I just want to put all my answers in the music.”

On obtaining success: “I’ve been this person for so long now—half my life. I had faith that music would be able to take me somewhere. I didn’t know where. I just was like, ‘Keep having faith, and any doors that open, I’ll walk through them and see what happens from there.'”

On creativity: “I only have so much creative energy. I have to decide what to devote it to. You should try to master one thing first, instead of juggling.”

On his hustle: “You gotta hustle, whatever you do. Everything takes time. We’re all human, so things are always going to get to you. If we were robots it’d be easy to shut it off, you know what I mean? When you got faith in something, you just gotta go with it.”