Max B and Kanye West

Max B Speaks Out on Kanye West 'Waves' Controversy

  /  02.03.2016

Max B is breaking his silence. After Wiz Khalifa criticized Kanye West for naming his album Waves (“Max B created the wave,” he tweeted), Kanye acknowledged the incarcerated rapper’s influence on the wavy movement. So what does Max B think about the hoopla?

The “Wavy Daddy” called in to Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” on Wednesday (Feb. 3) and set the record straight on how he feels about Yeezy’s Waves title.

“I like Kanye,” he said. “I appreciate it. I love it. Thank you.”

So, does he believe Kanye took the Waves idea from him?

“We don’t have a relationship,” Max B explained. “I never met him, but I feel he got it from the atmosphere and the atmosphere got it from me, but it’s all good. That’s what art is about. We take things from each other as artists in the creative process and things of that nature. It’s all good. He ain’t drop a diss record. He just called his album Waves and everybody know I’m the Wavy Daddy so it’s all good. I appreciate it.”

Max, who was sentenced to 75 years in prison on charges including manslaughter and kidnapping in 2009, says he might have responded differently in the past.

“Maybe a couple years ago, I would’ve made a spectacle out of it,” he added. “But like I said, I take what the game gives me. It’s all love.”

Listen to Max B’s full interview where he talks about his case, relationship with French Montana, and more.

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