Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Talks Kanye West Apology, Oscar Snub, & ‘Rolling Papers 2’

Apology accepted. On Tuesday (Feb. 2), Kanye West tweeted that he and Wiz Khalifa had a “great convo” on the phone and squashed their beef. While promoting his album Khalifa, which drops Friday, the “See You Again” rapper opened up about their reconciliation, revealing that Yeezy apologized for his unkind remarks.

“Everything’s cool,” Khalifa told Power 105’s Angie Martinez. “We spoke. It’s all good…Yes, he apologized and I accept his apology.”

Wiz echoed these sentiments during a separate interview with Hot 97’s Nessa, though he wouldn’t confirm a collaboration.

“We focusing on friendship,” he told the host. “Let’s focus on being friends first.”

Plus, find out what he had to say about “See You Again” being snubbed at the Oscars, his relationship with Amber Rose, and Rolling Papers 2.

On ex-wife Amber Rose: “I love Amber. That’s the mother of my kid. We’re best friends and we work together. That’s a solid relationship.”

On his son Sebastian: “He’s big as heck. He’s talking a lot and he’s singing, dancing. He’s grabbing the mic.”

On “See You Again” being snubbed at the Oscars: “I’m still black. They will not let us forget that…I am black as hell…To them, I’ve got tattoos, I smoke weed, I’m black. [The Weeknd] ain’t got no tattoos yet. The Weeknd is black too. He’s very black. He’s black as heck. It’s just the acceptance of it. You can’t have too much going on. We rooting for The Weeknd. We good. We got somebody in there.”

On Khalifa: “It’s a real fun album. It means a lot to me because of the content that’s actually on there and the subjects I’m speaking on. I got ‘Bake Sale’ on there with Travis Scott. It’s just a really fun album for me. I know when people listen to it, they’ll be satisfied.”

On Rolling Papers 2: “I’m still working on it. I’m putting it out this year, hopefully before the summer’s over. We’re gonna go on tour during the summer so before the summer, I’ma put Rolling Papers 2 out. [Khalifa] is just to hold people over. I’m promoting because I want people to go out and buy it. I want people to accept it.”