Ghostface Killah Blasts Martin Shkreli: 'You a Fake Ass Supervillain'

  /  02.09.2016

The Martin Shkreli saga continues. Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah has unleashed an 11-minute video in response to the controversial businessman’s recent threats.

“He ain’t got a real bone in his body,” Ghost said in his retort. “He a fraud, man.”

Shkreli has been at odds with Wu-Tang Clan after purchasing their one-of-a-kind LP Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for $2 million. In January, GFK called him a “shithead” and shortly after that, the drug CEO filmed the video below where he threatened Ghost.

In his rebuttal, Tony Starks calls Skhreli a “fake Peter Pan” and a “fake ass supervillain” with a “12-year-old body.” He also focuses on the fact that Skhreli raised the price of a drug that treats AIDS patients from $13.50 a pill to $750 overnight.

“This is about AIDS right now,” Ghostface said. “This is what you did to the people, to the American people and the people all over the world. I stand for them. I’m not gonna allow you to keep killing these people.”

Ghost’s mom and sister also appear in the clip. While his mother says she should “spank” Skhreli, the MC’s sister offers an emotional message.

“You’re so bad,” she says in tears. “What you’re doing is evil.”

Watch the full response below.


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