Snoop Dogg and Tim Westwood

Listen to an Unreleased Snoop Dogg Freestyle from 1996

Here’s a blast from Snoop Dogg’s past. A week after giving us an unreleased Kanye West freestyle, Tim Westwood unleashes a 20-year-old freestyle from Tha Doggfather.

In the clip from 1996, Snoop flows smoothly over familiar tracks like Westside Connection’s “Bow Down” and his own hit single “Gin & Juice.” Thanks to his laid-back charm, it’s a relaxed and fun-filled session, but there are times when things get serious.

At one point, Snoop addresses the East Coast/West Coast beef. In rhyme form, the Long Beach MC blames the tension on East Coast radio stations and says that “ain’t nobody gonna really get killed in this game.” Tragedy did strike, however, as 2Pac was shot and killed in 1996 and the Notorious B.I.G. was murdered in similar fashion the following year.

Listen to the 20-minute throwback Snoop freestyle below.

Fast forward to present day, Snoop Dogg is selling hot dogs for Burger King. The fast food chain has recruited the hip-hop icon for a training video explaining its new menu item, the “Grilled Dogs.”

“Break out the burners,” Snoop tells BK employees. “We grillin’ this dog my way.”

Watch them learn how to do it the D-O-Double-G way.