Officially Yours

New Music: T-Pain – ‘Officially Yours’

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a T-Pain twist. Just two days before Cupid’s big holiday, Teddy P has unveiled “Officially Yours,” a romantic ode to commitment. Da Internz-produced serenade, which T-Pain debuted live at the NPR Upfront concert in November, will appear on his oft-delayed album Stoicville: The Phoenix.

Professing his love from the mountain tops, Pain delivers emotional vocals over an upbeat relationship anthem. The sentimental lyric video, which features clips from actual wedding ceremonies, matches its theme (and yes, that’s T-Pain and his wife on the single cover).

“I didn’t want to pay two actors to act like they’re in love,” T-Pain told Upvoted. “I wanted to get depictions of real love. There’s a difference. When the bride walks down the aisle, you can see that love in the groom’s eyes. You gotta get that in the real moment, in real time. And a lot of people really delivered.”

While we await the release of Stoicville, swoon over T-Pain’s love-filled lyric video below.