Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Report: Kim Kardashian ‘Can’t Stand’ Kanye West’s Twitter Rants

Kim Kardashian wants Kanye West to ease off Twitter. While Mrs. West might be a supportive wife in many ways, she isn’t a fan of Yeezy’s ongoing Twitter rants, according to PEOPLE.

“What causes friction in the marriage, however, is Kanye’s compulsive tweeting,” an insider tells the publication. “Kim can’t stand it. She is all for self-promotion, but doesn’t approve of Twitter drama.”

And “Twitter drama” has certainly ensued. In the last two months, Kanye’s Twitter activity included a short-lived beef with Wiz Khalifa and a reignited one with Amber Rose. He also released an “unauthorized” Rolling Stone cover, defended his controversial Taylor Swift lyrics, and claimed Bill Cosby is “innocent.”

More recently, Kanye revealed that he’s $53 million in debt and has publicly asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion to help fund his Disney-sized goals.

However, not all of Kanye’s tweets have been controversy-starters. Today, the rapper typed up a series of posts about education. “Steve Jobs wanted to lower the cost of textbooks,” he tweeted. “Education puts Americans into debt before they even get a chance to get started. We have to lower the price of textbooks. I’d rather teachers got paid more and books cost less. #2020.”