New Music: M.I.A. – ‘Boom ADD’

M.I.A. is back with the “Boom.” The rapper-singer has liberated the full version of “Boom Skit” from her 2013 album Matangi. The nearly four-minute song, titled “Boom ADD,” features a different intro and a second verse over Hit-Boy’s production.

“Boom was recorded 2012,” tweeted M.I.A. “Cleaning out my hard drive: This is not a new song ! It’s a full length of the boom skit from MATANGI LP.”

In 2013, the “Borders” hitmaker told Complex that the full version of “Boom Skit” was cut short in the wake of her controversial middle finger flash during the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show, which also featured Madonna, Nicki Minaj, CeeLo Green, and LMFAO.

“It used to be a three-minute track, but I cut it down cause in the beginning it had my lawyer explaining the Super Bowl court case,” she said. “There was a verse two to it, which basically says, ‘Steve Jobs went to India and Jesus went to India.’ You know, it’s not that alien. The song had a lot of controversial bits on it. And so before they re-opened the lawsuit and went into litigation, one of the things they negotiated for is that I don’t put the song out. So I agreed and so I edited the song so it didn’t have any offensive bits and I put it on as a skit.

“And then they opened the litigation again anyway,” she added. “But by then I was kind of over it. I didn’t want to put the whole thing out. If people want to hear the details of my case, I still have the longer version. But I just didn’t feel like it was… You know, the Super Bowl case was of the moment, and it wasn’t the be-all end-all of what I was trying to communicate with Matangi. I was writing a conceptual album, it wasn’t about the Super Bowl, so I think that seemed OK.”

In 2014, M.I.A. settled with the NFL after the league sued her for $16.6 million.

Listen to the full version of “Boom” below.