T.I. and Young Thug Talk Grammys, #OscarsSoWhite, & Collaborations

T.I. and Young Thug are a potent combination. They’ve proven this in the studio with “About the Money,” “Off-Set,” and “Out My Face,” and now they’re showing this off in an interview with DJ Drama’s Shade 45 show, where they spoke about their upcoming collaborations.

“We got more songs than diamonds,” said Thugga after T.I. confirmed that they’ve collaborated on his upcoming album Dime Trap.

The Bankroll Mafia went on to talk about much more in their interview. Tip opened up about Dime Trap, his TIDAL partnership, split from Columbia Records, and the Oscars’ diversity problems. Meanwhile, Young Thug revealed what he plans on wearing to the Grammys next year.

Check out the full interview and highlights from the conversation below.

Young Thug on the Grammys: “I think next year, we’re going on [the Grammys]. I had 24 hits on the top 100. Twenty-four of them was top 5. [T.I.] been to the Grammys a couple times. I’m on my third semester…I don’t understand it, though. Man, I want every Grammy they have. Man, we gon’ live through that. I’m telling you I want to go…Man, listen. What I might wear, man. I don’t know what I’ma do to these people. I might be barefeeted with $10,000 toe rings on, with Fred Flintstone dress on that costs $140,000. You know that tiger-striped motherfucker that Fred Flintstone wore? I don’t mind. It costs $140 [thousand].”

T.I. on his split with Columbia: “I left Columbia. Me and Columbia parted ways after one album. It’s been great for Adele. It works wonderfully for Pharrell. It’s outstanding for Beyoncé. But for me? I’m a special needs artist. My wheelhouse is a little bit different from what they accustomed to, which is fine. We gave it a run. We both probably broke even, give or take $100,000 here or there. Ain’t nobody too mad about it. But we felt to maximize the potential of both of our careers and both of our outcomes, it was best to part ways. It was amicable.”

T.I. on TIDAL: “TIDAL is trying to put the power and ownership and equity of the art back in the hands of the people who cultivate the artistry. That is what’s important. It’s the only black-owned streaming service and it pays more. When artists get their song played on Spotify or Apple Music or anywhere else, [TIDAL] pays more, offers more back to the artists. As a platform, it’s a multimedia platform.”

T.I. on Young Thug: “Thugga crazy. Shawty wild. Shawty is the closest thing to the Joker I’ve ever seen in my life.”

T.I. on Young Thug’s beefs: “I don’t choose sides. I just pray that you guys don’t kill each other…All you could do is say, ‘Shit ain’t really got to be like this.'”

T.I. on Pee Wee Roscoe (who’s serving 10 years for shooting Lil Wayne’s bus): “I for one know that bruh didn’t do that. I know that. I know this. I also know that he took a charge trying to stay solid for somebody, and doing what a lot of motherfuckers out here ain’t really built to do. He might not be saying, ‘Hey man, it wasn’t me. It was such and such.’ But at the same time, I know he that didn’t do it. I won’t lie to you. It’s a tough spot. I still love Wayne. I still do anything I can for him. His daughter still calls my daughter and they still connect and kick it at my house. It ain’t no beef. I ain’t got no beef with nobody.”

T.I. on Future and Young Thug’s perceived drug use: “It makes for great music. I’ve got to imagine that ni**a Future be high as a motherfucker. I imagine Thugga be high as a motherfucker. Ain’t nothing like drank-drankin’ Wayne. Ain’t nothing like lean-Wayne raps…It seems just magical, colorful.”

T.I. on #OscarsSoWhite: “I feel they’re absolutely correct in all of their claims that the Oscars are so white, that they disregard the contributions of African Americans or minority talent. I also feel that the Oscars cater to a very middle America, upper echelon, sophisticated, who’s who of old motherfuckers in Hollywood. I agree with that. I also feel, why in the fuck are we looking to them for our recognition? Why are we still looking to them to validate us? Fuck them. If they don’t see what we see, if they don’t recognize our talent, we just gon’ start our own shit, man. Our own award show.”

T.I. on Dime Trap: “It’s coming sooner than you think.”

T.I. on the Dime Trap movie: “There’s a film that we’re going to shoot to release in association with the Dime Trap. It will be supported by the music…It’s an actual story that goes with it. It’s the first actual script that I’ve written. We’re about to commence filming in April.”