New Music: Azealia Banks – ‘Used to Being Alone’

After reigniting her feud with Iggy Azalea earlier in the day, Azealia Banks vowed to “take [her] pettiness to a whole new level.” While she didn’t unleash a diss as some expected, the feisty rapper claps back at her rival by jacking her Ignorant Art mixtape single “My World” and making it her own. On her version, titled “Used to Being Alone,” Banks lets down her guard as she sings about a former lover.

“How does it feel to treat me the way you do?” she asks over the D.R.U.G.S. production. “It took so long to get over you / How do I prepare when I swore I’d never see you again?”

Azealia is putting the finishing touches on her next project, Slay-Z. Last month, she dropped the first single, “The Big Big Beat.”

Listen to her surprise retaliation below.

In her Elle Canada cover story, Iggy addressed Banks. “I think the Azealia Banks thing is what really started it all. We don’t like each other on a personal level, and that has gone on for many years—before the Black Lives Matter incident happened,” she told the magazine. “Even though I still hate Azealia Banks, I wish I had said it in a way that didn’t make people think I was oblivious to the movement.”

Of course, Azealia responded to Iggy with a series of tweets, some of which have since been deleted.