50 Cent’s Mansion to Become Senior Living Facility

Sold! 50 Cent’s enormous Farmington, Connecticut home has found a buyer who reportedly plans on turning the mansion into an assisted living facility for the elderly.

The palace-like home sold for $8 million recently, according to TMZ. That’s a drop from 50’s original asking price. Back in 2007, Fif put it on the market for $18.5 mill.

The G-Unit mogul reportedly spent $70,000 a month on maintenance for the 21-bedroom location, which features a helicopter pad, a casino, and a nightclub. The cost was a burden on Curtis, who filed for bankruptcy last year.

At the time of his bankruptcy declaration, the “Power” actor and executive producer said it was a business move.

“When you’re successful and its publicly noted, you become a target. I don’t want to be the bullseye,” he said. “I don’t want everybody to pick me as the guy that they just come to [with] astronomical claims. I’ll take the precautions that any other good business person would take in this situation.”

Take a visual journey through Fif’s former home, which was previously owned by Mike Tyson.