Future and Jonah Hill Team Up in ‘SNL’ Promos

Future is ready to make his “SNL” debut. Ahead of his performance this weekend, the “Low Life” rapper teamed up with host Jonah Hill and cast member Leslie Jones in a few hilarious promos for the big night.

In one clip, Jones shares her excitement because her “favorite rapper” is on the show. Hill, who’s not exactly known for his rhyme skills, hilariously believes the Ghostbusters star is talking about him.

“Did you see the YouTube videos of my rap group from high school?” he asks. “I miss those guys. Kind of impolite though, because Future’s standing right here.”

In another promo, Future describes, well, the future, saying that this “SNL” episode will be, in one word, “sensational.”

Check out all of the “SNL” promos below and see how Future helped the Superbad actor with his fashion sense, too.