Tyga Responds to Criticism After Calling Tupac ‘Dad’

Tyga is firing back at his critics. After he referred to Tupac Shakur as “dad,” some criticized the rapper, claiming the comment was “stupid” and “unbelievable.” But now, Tyga is clarifying his statement.

“I’m inspired by him as a student of the culture, especially my generation,” T-Raww told TMZ. “My real father’s been in jail all my life so I never really knew my real father. Pac is like a father figure to me.”

Tyga’s response echoes his recent tweet about the matter. “Pac taught me a lot more than my own father,” he wrote on Twitter. “Inspired me, Motivated Me, Listened without ever being there.”

The paparazzi interview also comes after T-Raww posted a letter from his biological dad on Twitter. “Wanted to share this with my fans a letter from my real Father who has been serving a life Sentence,” Tyga said, before posting screenshots of his father’s message.

“Stay up, stay focused, and stay being you,” his father wrote in the letter. “Fuc the rest.”

Following this, Tyga also published his response, providing his dad with some of ‘Pac’s words to live by: “Keep ya head up.”