Kanye West and Chuck the Condor

Kanye West Wants to Redesign Clippers Mascot

Kanye West has two more albums to drop this year, but that won’t stop him from pursuing other artistic endeavors. He’s already stirred up rumors of an IKEA collaboration and on Monday (Mar. 14), Yeezy announced that he wants to give the Clippers mascot a makeover.

Mr. West was apparently not a fan of the Los Angeles basketball team’s recently revealed (and panned) Chuck the Condor mascot, so he offered to redesign it.

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer said that he was willing to hear ‘Ye’s plans. Even though he has “love” for Chuck the Condor, he also apparently has “love” for the MC’s creativity.

Ballmer didn’t stop there. He also invited the Louis Vuitton Don to a Clippers game to help make this happen.

Yeezy’s on board too and the duo may be linking up soon. “Let’s meet this week if you have time,” he replied before name-checking a Clippers star. “I was hanging with Chris Paul last night.”

Meanwhile, another Clippers player, DeAndre Jordan, was recently asked if he thinks that would be a good idea. “Maybe,” he told TMZ.

While Yeezus and Ballmer plan the big meeting, the Chicago MC will likely be mulling over another decision. Earlier today, he said he wanted to open an Instagram account…”on one condition.”

Whether he does this or not, Kanye’s already solidified other plans for the new year. Recently, ‘Ye announced that he will be releasing six Yeezy collections and three albums per year.