Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown Endorses Donald Trump for President

While many artists have spoken out against Donald Trump, Foxy Brown is lending her support to the Republican presidential candidate.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Brown endorsed the billionaire frontrunner and said she would be doing “a lot” for his campaign in the coming months.

“I know so many people won’t agree with me and will try to change my mind, but I’m a smart girl,” said the “Ill Na Na” rapper. “I’m excited…I haven’t been this excited in so long.”

Brown, a lifelong Democrat, said she loves Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but she is most impressed with Trump’s ability to get things done. “No matter how many people sabotage his campaign, it keeps growing and growing and growing,” she said.

She also shrugged off the controversy surrounding Trump. “I know people say he’s a racist, but that’s just crazy.”

Brown, who recently received the key to Brooklyn, is back in the studio, and her next release could be a Trump tribute, according to The News.

However, Foxy isn’t the first rapper to support Trump. Azealia Banks endorsed Trump in February, only to later retract her support.

Meanwhile, artists like Chris Brown, Mac Miller, and T.I. have all publicly denounced Trump. “He’s making a mockery of democracy,” wrote Tip. “Fuck you and fuck what you stand for. Nobody who supports me will support you.”

UPDATE: Shortly after the New York Daily News story went viral, Foxy took to Instagram to deny that she’s endorsing Donald Trump for president.

“I AM IN NO WAY ENDORSING TRUMP!!!!!” she wrote. “They Tried It Wrong One!”

She clarified her comments, adding that she is a fan of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. “What I Said Verbatim Was Trump Had Tenacity, Much Like I Said HILLARY CLINTON I LOVE DEARLY And BERNIE SANDERS I Absolutely ADORE!”

She also called out the newspaper for not including her remarks about the Democratic candidates. “What Was Supposed To Be An Interview About Me Receiving A HISTORIC KEY TO MY HOMETOWN IN BROOKLYN Turned Into A Trump Grabbing HEADLINE Cuz That’s What Sells Papers. Per Usual,” she said. “The MEDIA Sensationalizes Everything, Yet NO Mention Of My Glowing Remarks Regarding HILLARY CLINTON Or My Profound Respect And Admiration For BERNIE SANDERS.”

Read her full statement below.