Kendrick Lamar

Watch Kendrick Lamar Freestyle with Fans

  /  03.16.2016

Kendrick Lamar has the No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with untitled unmastered., but that doesn’t mean he can’t freestyle with fans. The Compton spitter hosted a hip-hop workshop for 40 young musicians in Manchester, U.K. recently and turned it into an impromptu cypher.

A short clip released by Reebok today shows how the events unfolded. After listening to some of the acts perform, K-Dot grabbed the mic and spit some improvised lines.

One of the other MCs then said a few “joking” lines about how Kendrick wasn’t going to “whoop” his “ass.” That’s when the seven-time Grammy winner grabbed the mic back. “You can’t see me,” Kendrick rhymed as the crowd reacted with oohs. “Never met an MC that’s fucking shorter than me.”

The fun continued with more freestyles as fans and Kendrick traded bars and took turns on the mic. Watch the whole session go down below.

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