DJ Khaled and Jimmy Kimmel

DJ Khaled Teaches Jimmy Kimmel How to Snapchat

When DJ Khaled isn’t planning new music with Kendrick Lamar or chilling courtside with Jay Z, he’s teaching Jimmy Kimmel how to Snapchat.

After sharing inspirational words with Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month, the self-proclaimed Quincy Jones of Hip-Hop linked up with Kimmel for a limo ride, where he shared his many “major keys” to success.

“How many keys are there?” Kimmel asked his new Snap teacher. “That’s a lot of keys. It’s like a high school janitor’s key chain.”

From there, Khaled taught Kimmel about “bungalow talk,” “sneaker talk,” cocoa butter, and about who “They” are. He also showed him how to angle his phone just right and how to use an appropriate caption.

Check out Khaled and Kimmel as they go over the importance of fruit snacks, Listerine, and Jordans below.