Toronto Rapper Mo-G Accuses Drake of Swagger Jacking

  /  03.22.2016

It was all good just a month ago. After feuding with Chris Brown, Meek Mill, and Common, Drake’s got another foe in the game and his name is Mo-G. The Toronto-based MC, who Drizzy name-checks on “Summer Sixteen,” is now accusing the 6 God of being a “swagger jacker.”

“Have you ever, ever heard in the history of hip-hop a man that gives away his creativity and helps make Billboard hits, but doesn’t get paid a dollar for it or credit for it?” he said in an Instagram video yesterday. “That doesn’t make sense, but exposing these ni**as will make sense. Fuck you bitch ass ni**as. It’s on, bitch.”

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Mo-G’s song “Still” features a lyric that he feels has inspired Drake: “Switch it up with the left like Ginobili.” In the video for the song, Mo also does a dance move with his left hand.

Drake performed the same dance move in his visual for “Energy” and later named San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili in a line off “Jumpman”: “I hit that Ginobili with my left hand up like woo.”

Moreover, Mo-G also feels like his style has been taken. In another Instagram post, the rapper showed a pic from his “Still” video in which he’s sporting a bubble jacket. Next to it, he shared a photo of Drake wearing a similar jacket in the “Hotline Bling” visual.

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Following this, Mo-G said that Drake wanted to sample his voice for a track off Views From the 6. He even shared a DM snapshot, which appears to show Drizzy asking for a “voice note.” He also said he was called upon to provide hooks, bars, and flows for the project.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mo-G also aims at OVO founder Oliver El-Khatib, who’s also Drake’s manager.

“Oliver is a fucking snake-ass ni**a, a double-headed snake-ass ni**a, a psychotic lookin’ motherfucker-ass ni**a, always stirring the pot,” he said. “Tellin’ me Rihanna wanted me at the music video shoot, but Drake didn’t want me to come. All of Drake’s friends hate you. Drake doesn’t like you. You always stirring the pot.”

“This ni**a Oliver told me that the whole OVO team thinks I deserve compensation for everything Drake took from me and all the man just offered me is $500,” he added in another clip. “$500? Can’t even pay momma’s rent. What are you, smoking juggs, brother? You taking heroin? You look like you’re on heroin, fiend.”

In an additional clip, Mo also calls El-Khatib a “dweeb” and “a culture vulture,” among other things.

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@theshaderoominc @iamakademiks @a1starslive @balleralert

A video posted by Mo-g (@suttonave) on

@theshaderoominc @iamakademiks @a1starslive @balleralert

A video posted by Mo-g (@suttonave) on

Things weren’t this bad just a month ago. At the start of March, for example, Mo-G spoke with MTV News about Drizzy’s impact, influence, and support.

“That ni**a Drake,” he said. “That’s my guy…That’s my big brother. If it wasn’t for Drake, the city wouldn’t even be the same.”


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