Common and Ice Cube

New Music: Ice Cube & Common - 'Real People'

  /  03.24.2016

Ice Cube and Common were able to resolve their ’90s beef, and now they’re asking for more feuds to end. Today, the duo delivers this peaceful message on their new collaboration “Real People” off the Barbershop: The Next Cut soundtrack.

“Me and that ni**ga, yeah, we used to bring the funk,” Cube raps. “Now we got love and respect.” Meanwhile, Common follows suit. “It’s a good day when it’s me and O’Shea,” he rhymes, before confirming that there “ain’t no more beef.”

But the song takes on a greater perspective when it demands change in violence and addiction. “I remember when we used to hate them drugs,” Cube raps. “Now we can’t rap without being fucked up / High in the club, but you sound like a drunk.” Then Common takes over, wondering “why young’ns are shootin’.”

Cube and Common are also teaming up on the big screen in Barbershop: The Next Cut. The film, which hits theaters April 15, co-stars Nicki Minaj, Eve, Anthony Anderson, and Tyga.

Listen to the former foes unite on “Real People” (via Complex).

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