Faith Evans Teases Notorious B.I.G. Hologram

Biggie lives on. Faith Evans says her long-awaited, oft-delayed Notorious B.I.G. project The King & I is finally in its “finishing stages” and now, a hologram might be involved.

“We actually are in development with a hologram [company],” she told “The Dame Dash Show” on Monday (Mar. 28). “I don’t necessarily know to what extent I’m going to perform with it, but I definitely want to debut it probably in the first video for the album and maybe use it a little bit performance-wise, but that depends on a lot of things.”

Could this possibly go down at the highly-anticipated Bad Boy reunion tour? Faith says there’s a chance. “If this Bad Boy [reunion] tour ever really happens, that might be something we might consider,” she said. “If I was to go on that tour, of course, I’d use it, but just not over-use it.”

Evans, of course, was married to the Notorious B.I.G. from 1994-1997, when Biggie was shot and killed in a still-unsolved murder in Los Angeles.

Listen to Faith talk about the hologram, The King & I, and crafting a play based on her memoir below.