New Music: Babeo Baggins feat. Drake – ‘Things I Forgot to Do’

Drizzy covers Nico. While finalizing Views From the 6, Drake’s Babeo Baggins collaboration “Things I Forgot to Do” has been released.

The cover of Nico’s 1967 Chelsea Girl single “These Days” is a mellow and soothing selection that allows the Canadian rapper to reflect on what’s been happening in his life.

“I’ve stopped the dreaming / I don’t do too much scheming these days,” he sings, adding his own lyrics to the track. “These days, I sit inside a chauffeured car with windows down and count the stars.”

The track leaked online before Baggins could release it officially, and on Tuesday (Mar. 29), the singer took to Twitter to reveal that the song is actually part of a covers EP that she’s been crafting.

Babeo has an interesting connection to Drake. The 6 God reportedly first spotted Baggins and her fellow Barf Troop collective member Babe Simpson at one of his 2014 concerts in Virginia. He later invited them backstage. Since then, Drizzy’s taken a photo with Baggins, and has even sported a Barf Troop T-shirt.

Listen to Drake and Babeo team up for her Love Songs for Tough Guys EP.