Video: T-Pain – ‘Hundred Mo Dolla$’

T-Pain dropped his anti-strip club anthem “Hundred Mo Dolla$” last week, and interestingly enough, went right back to the strip club for the song’s music video, which he shot and directed himself.

Released on Thursday (Mar. 31), the visual acts as the backdrop for a joint that’s actually about staying home. “The song itself is about a guy realizing that after all the money he’s spent at the strip club, his girl at home has and can do everything the strippers can,” T-Pain told Dazed. “He could have saved that money!”

Still, Pain felt it was important for this music video to showcase strippers on poles, contouring their bodies in acrobatic ways.

“Big booties are always great, but there’s so much more to it than that when you really watch a stripper,” he explained. “Stripping? That shit is a skill, and physically is damn near a sport when you consider the strength and creativity those women use to entertain us on the pole.”

Watch how all of this inspired Pain as the shooter and director of “Hundred Mo Dolla$” below.