Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Talks Destiny's Child Reunion, Beyoncé Album, & New Music

  /  04.05.2016

Kelly Rowland has a lot on her plate. Thanks to a reoccurring role on “Empire,” recording new music, and raising her one-year-old son Titan Jewell, the Destiny’s Child alum has been busy. And now, she’s adding another endeavor to her ever-expanding career with “Chasing Destiny.”

Rowland stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Tuesday (Apr. 5) to talk about the BET docu-series and its search for the next girl group. “That whole culture is gone,” she said of groups like Destiny’s Child. “It’s lost. It needs to come back with boy groups too.”

The 10-part series debuts tonight on BET. Check out more of Kelly’s “Breakfast Club” interview below, where she speaks on the possibility of a Destiny’s Child reunion, Beyoncé’s upcoming album, and her own new material.

On a Destiny’s Child reunion: “We haven’t talked about it. I’ll see Michelle tomorrow or the next day and the last time me and Bey were together was like two weeks ago when I stopped by rehearsals. We talk about everything else. We really, really do. We talk about playdates with the kids and vacations and new opportunities. She’s excited about this group, super excited.”

On Beyoncé’s new LP: “I’m excited for her, for everybody else.”

On her own album: “For me, it’s a work in progress. It’s truly a work in progress because for me, it’s been the hardest thing to record an album after this kid.”

On her musical direction: “I’m happy. Everything is either ratchet or too much substance. I have to find a middle ground. Right now, it’s super hood and another one is like ohm.”

On ‘Chasing Destiny’: “I didn’t want to do a reality show. I didn’t want to feel like it was a formula type of show. I wanted cameras just to roll because realness of it all is stuff just happens all the time. I don’t think that it’s the type of situation that a talent competition can encompass. I think that everything should happen organically.”

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