Aziz Ansari

Watch Aziz Ansari’s Spoof Video for Kanye West’s ‘Famous’

Kanye West may have just filmed the “Waves” music video in Scotland, but Aziz Ansari and his Master of None co-star Eric Wareheim recently shot their own Life of Pablo spoof in Italy.

While overseas filming the second season of their Netflix show, Aziz and Eric took on different roles. Acting as Lil Bud and Big Bud, the duo rocked out to the tune of Kanye’s “Famous” in a goofy parody video released today.

Watch them eat, drink, and dance in the streets while screaming along to Swizz Beatz’s ad libs in the hilarious travel diary (via Rolling Stone).

Though it might seem like an unlikely friendship, Aziz and Yeezy actually have quite a rich bond. Ansari briefly appeared in the video for Kanye and Jay Z’s “Otis,” and he’s also talked about their relationship as part of his comedy set.

Check out one of his most famous Yeezy bits below.