Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Confirms Final Three Albums, Releases ‘Conversations #1’

Lupe Fiasco has a busy year to look forward to. Earlier today, the Chicago spitter announced that he’s still dropping three albums in 2016, though there’s been a slight change in his release schedule.

DROGAS, DROGAS light, and SKULLS are set to be his final albums. Meanwhile Roy, which was initially said to be one of those final LPs, will remain unreleased.

To help promote the projects, Lupe also unleashed three album covers. One features a gun, a Jesus Christ pendant, a fancy watch, a car key, and hundred dollar bills. Another simply reads DROGS and DROGAS Light with a red and pink half-and-half split background. The other cover features gold and blue artwork.

To tease DROGAS, Fiasco is having “Conversations.” Today, he released a convo, labeled “#1,” that apparently took place in 2013. In the 10-minute clip, Lupe talks to concerned men who want to change how music affects the youth.

“We want advertisers and we want the media, such as the radio, to respect us like we respect ourselves,” one man explained. “As long as they’re profiting off of our kids and off of us, we demand that you respect our values and our morals. Part of our values and morals are that, during the 8, we don’t want to bombard our kids with talk of drugs, guns, and violence. We want to make other things cool so that we can have positive role models for the future.”

Listen to “Conversations #1” below.