Kanye West

Watch a 70-Piece Orchestra Mash Up Kanye West and Beethoven

Yeezus goes classical. Just a day after his surprise Coachella performance alongside A$AP Rocky, the Young Musicians Foundation hosted “Yeethoven,” a free concert blending the musical stylings of Kanye West and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Using 2013’s Yeezus as the main inspiration, conductor Yuga Cohler led a 70-piece orchestra on an hour’s worth of music at Los Angeles’ Aratani Theatre.

So what were the mash-ups? According to MissInfo, the orchestra played iterations of Kanye’s “Hold My Liquor” blended with “Symphony No.5, op. 67,” and “New Slaves” mashed up with “Overture to Egmont, op. 84.” They also decided to mix up “On Sight” and “String Quartet No. 14.”

Watch the Yeethoven mash-ups below.