Panda (T-Mix)

New Music: T-Pain feat. Young Cash – ‘Panda (Remix)’

T-Pain takes on “Panda.” Following in the footsteps of Lil’ Kim, Lil Mama, Lupe Fiasco, and Karmin, Teddy P delivers his rendition of Desiigner’s smash single in a brand new “T-Mix.”

The Auto-Tune King raps acrobatically and quickly through the track, delivering a remix of DJ Khaled’s famous Snapchat catchphrase too: “The major key is when you’re hating me, you’re gonna fuck around and get your neck broke.”

After boasting about chillin’ in Alabama in a Lambo, T-Pain releases the track’s chokehold to Young Cash, who takes over with rhymes about California dispensaries and touring with Teddy P.

Listen to Pain put his spin on “Panda” below.