T.I. Shares Support for Bernie Sanders

T.I. is feeling the Bern. The King of the South is throwing his support behind Bernie Sanders in this year’s election.

“I think he’s the most honest, the most straight-up dude,” Tip told TMZ of the Democratic candidate. “The most viable option.”

During his chat, the Atlanta rapper also revealed that he is able to vote despite his felony convictions. “This is something most people don’t know,” he said. “As long as you are not serving any sentence, as long as you are not on any probation or anything… If you’ve served your debt to society, you can re-register [to vote].”

Tip’s political ideals have drawn criticism in the past. Last year, he was blasted for saying he wouldn’t support Hillary Clinton’s run for president because she is a woman. At the time, he also criticized Donald Trump, saying that he “can’t cast no vote for him” either.

He later apologized for his comments about Clinton, but doubled down on his anti-Trump thoughts. “He’s making a mockery of democracy,” Tip said. “#OperationANYONEbutTRUMP.”