Video: Machine Gun Kelly – ‘All Night Long’

MGK is back with another visual. After standing in the “Spotlight,” Machine Gun Kelly goes behind the scenes in the video for “All Night Long” off last year’s General Admission.

The Mod Sun-directed clip takes fans behind the cam, showing what it takes to really put a video together. Meanwhile, the Cleveland MC raps about being influential, putting on for his city, and not judging people based on what they drive.

“You know that motherfu**er in that Ford Taurus could be the next motherfu**er in a new Porsche,” he raps. “But it’s hard to know where you’re headed when there’s no destination / So until that day keep that Kellz inside your playlist.”

You can soon catch Kellz on television in Cameron Crowe’s new series “Roadies,” which premieres June 26 on Showtime.

Until then, watch him showcase his acting skills—and smash a guitar—in “All Night Long.”