INF Photo Chris Brown

Intruder Arrested at Chris Brown’s Home

Chris Brown is battling an alleged trespasser once again.

A woman named Danielle Patti, who has been arrested for trespassing on Brown’s property in the past, was reportedly caught walking into his home again on Thursday (Apr. 28) at approximately 3 a.m. TMZ reports that Patti waited until the gate at the singer’s property was open before making her entry.

Brown was home at the time of the incident, but he wasn’t harmed. The alleged intruder was captured by security and held until authorities arrived.

Patti pled not guilty to two counts of trespassing on Friday (Apr. 29). Brown’s attorneys are expected to file a temporary restraining order.

A similar incident took place in December when Patti reportedly drove into his house once his gate was open. Police were called and she was arrested then, too. Prior to that, in May, a different woman broke into Breezy’s house, got naked, and waited for him to arrive, before also getting arrested.

Brown, however, was seemingly unfazed by the incident. On Friday, he and his OHB crew dropped their collaborative mixtape, Before da Trap: Nights in Tarzana, featuring Young Thug, Jeezy, and Tyga.