INF Photo Kanye West

Kanye West Gets Record Cleared in Paparazzi Case

Yeezy’s name has been cleared.

A judge has erased Kanye West’s conviction stemming from a past altercation with a member of the paparazzi, reports TMZ. The case will be officially expunged from his record.

West pled no contest to the misdemeanor battery charge in 2014 and has put in more than 250 hours of community service since. He also had no issues within the 24 months of probation he was serving.

Although that altercation had him at odds with paps in the past, ‘Ye has since become friendly with the cameramen who follow him. In fact, this year alone, West broke up a fight between paps who began arguing while trying to interview him.

He’s also expressed gratitude to the paps. “I really appreciate you guys because you guys keep me alive,” he told one in March. “You, the paparazzi, keep me alive because they keep me relevant. They can’t stop my voice. They can say what they want on the news channel, on the stations, blah blah blah, but I can just talk directly to you, it go up and my voice not get stopped.”