Azealia Banks Dropped from Born & Bred Festival Following Racist Comments

  /  05.11.2016

“Miss Amor” is not seeing a lot of love right now. Azealia Banks went on another controversial Twitter tirade on Tuesday (May 10) and it just cost her a festival appearance.

After Banks made multiple racist comments about Zayn Malik and after saying that “UK RAP is just a disgrace to rap culture in general,” the Slay-Z spitter was dropped from her headlining gig at Rinse’s Born & Bred Festival, which is set to take place in London next month.

The festival announced the cancelation on Twitter. “We have decided to cancel Azealia Banks’ headline appearance at Rinse | Born & Bred Festival,” read the statement. “Rinse | Born & Bred Festival is a celebration of rave culture and has been created for EVERYONE. We celebrate inclusivity and equality.”

Yesterday, Azealia criticized ZAYN’s “LIKE I WOULD” music video.

Azealia Banks

Then, she used homophobic slurs while dissing the former One Direction singer and also attacked 14-year-old Disney Channel actress Skai Jackson.

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks

Banks has since apologized for offending others with a series of tweets, but added that she isn’t sorry for making the offensive comments.

Azealia Banks

“Again, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Not apologizing for my words WHATSOEVER, apologizing for the way people feel,” she added. “Because it’s not nice to make people feel bad. But as an individual I have the creative freedom to say whatever the fuck I want. Remember that offense is never given, it is only taken. I apologize to everyone who TOOK offense.”

Last month, she also had a controversial feud with Sarah Palin after deleting and reinstating her Twitter account.

When she deleted her account in March, Banks also criticized Americans. “It’s time for me to say goodbye once and for all,” she said at the time. “Just because I am American doesn’t mean I have to subject myself to such tastelessness. Americans have the WORST taste in everything. So my friends, it’s time to say goodbye once and for all to this account. This account will exist no more. Time for a bit of mystery…Goodbye.”


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