Nicki Minaj Accuses Ex Safaree Samuels of Extortion and Theft

Nicki Minaj is clapping back at her ex Safaree “SB” Samuels after claiming that he served her with another lawsuit earlier this month.

In a lengthy Twitter tirade on Tuesday (May 10), Nicki accused Samuels of extortion and said he can’t seem to let go of their 12-year relationship.

“You’d be surprised to know that there r ppl who actually die inside every time they catch a little glimpse of your happiness,” she tweeted. “Ni**az get mad when they can’t come & live lavish wit u…. #poorting I know it hurts.”

She went on to say that SB is suing her for emotional and physical abuse.

If SB is suing Nicki, it won’t be the first time. Last year, the rapper, who earned executive producer credit on Pink Friday and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, reportedly sued his ex for a cut from her albums, claiming that he was instrumental in the creative process.