Watch Drake’s Hilarious ‘SNL’ Skits

The 6 God’s “SNL” Drakeover is complete. On Saturday (May 14), a freshly-shaved Drake didn’t just perform “One Dance” and Hype” on the acclaimed comedy series, he also unleashed a slew of hilarious skits.

It began with his opening monologue, in which he performed a song lamenting his meme-worthy expressions. This included a Rihanna impression of “Work”—complete with a wig—as well as an R&B ballad with a little rap mixed in. “It’s just hard when it seems you don’t love me for me,” he sang in somber tones. “You just love me for memes.”

Things got even more hip-hop on “Drake’s Beef,” a skit that featured tough raps over the “Back to Back” instrumental. In it, Drizzy made diss songs in his mind for anyone he felt wronged by in real life, including Lorne Michaels, the creator and producer of “SNL.”

For instance, when Lorne praised him for a “good job” on the set, the 6 God snapped. “Good job, that’s it?” he rapped. “I’m doing great, you bitch / Say that again to my face / Ni**a, suck my d**k.”

The laughs kept coming on “Black Jeopardy with Drake,” a sketch featuring Drizzy as Jared, a Canadian who can’t seem to grasp some of the cultural differences between America and its northern neighbor. At one point, Jared is even told that “no good rap comes from Canada,” a comment that doesn’t sit well with him. Watch the skit below to find out how Jared wins the game despite playing it poorly.

There were many more Drizzy-featured skits, of course, including “Chaperone,” in which he played a weird, Hulk Hogan-like chaperone at a school dance and “Weekend Update,” where he confronted Jay Pharoah about his Drake impression.