Drake Talks Rihanna Relationship, Gets Scared on ‘Ellen’

Drizzy’s TV tour continues. After taking over “The Tonight Show” and “SNL” last week, Drake popped up on “Ellen” today for a brief interview, some laughs, and a scare.

Of course, Rihanna came up during the chat. Coyly referring to rumors of their “secret” relationship, Ellen noted that she knows the 6 God and RiRi are “just friends.” Then, a picture of the rumored couple grinding onstage appeared onscreen. “That’s friendship at its finest,” said Drake.

The conversation also included some of Drizzy’s thoughts on his recent “Saturday Night Live” experience. “It’s one of the most intense talent gauntlets I’ve ever been put through,” he explained. “It really is something you only understand if you’ve experienced it.”

Plus, watch Ellen make Drizzy jump(man) after being frightened by a man dressed in “Hotline Bling” gear.

The VIEWS chart-topper also played a game of “Never Have I Ever” with Jared Leto. Drizzy admitted to a few interesting deeds, including hooking up with a fan, making out with someone twice his age, Googling himself, and, to no one’s surprise, telling a girl how he feels in a song.

He also claimed to have never taken a nude selfie, to have never sent a naughty text to the wrong person, and to have never had something on his body waxed. Check out the full game below.