M.I.A. and Rihanna

M.I.A. Readies New Album for July, Talks Potential Rihanna Collaboration

  /  05.18.2016

Ready for a new M.I.A. album? After handing in her latest project, the British star is opening up about the follow-up to 2013’s Matangi.

During a Pericope session on Tuesday (May 17), M.I.A. revealed additional details about the forthcoming effort and discussed an unrealized RiRi collaboration.

“There was a moment where me and Rihanna were talking about collaborating,” she explained (via Billboard). “But she’s on tour in the U.S. and I had to go to Jamaica a lot to work.”

M.I.A. can’t travel to the U.S. because she’s been plagued by ongoing visa troubles, as she explained earlier this month.

Elsewhere during the Periscope talk, the “Temple” rapper revealed that her fifth album is slated to drop in July featuring 12 tracks. One of them, however, was impacted by Disney.

“I had to take the Disney thing off,” she said, likely referencing “OLA – Foreign Friend,” which sampled The Lion King. “I put ‘Galang’ on it instead, I sampled myself. I wanted to say, ‘Whatever, I can’t get Lion King, I’m gonna use my own song!’ That way no one can stop it.”

Watch the full Periscope session below.


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