50 Cent

Watch 50 Cent’s Hilarious ‘Cribs’ Spoof for Hostelworld

50 Cent goes from “In Da Club” to “In Da Hostel.”

The G-Unit general teamed up with Hostelworld for a “Cribs”-like tour of a hostel in Barcelona, going through the lounge, pool, and club. Before taking fans to “where the magic happens,” Fif also showed off his impressive skills in chess and foosball.

“You see how we do it,” he said. “Now get out of here. Go meet the world.”

Hostelworld chief marketing officer Otto Rosenberger added, “We are so happy to have converted 50 Cent into a hosteller—he’s found the best way to live like a millionaire without having to part with crazy amounts of money in the process.”

50, who fell off “The Forbes Five” list after declaring bankruptcy last year, has been putting in work in other areas including a variety show and his new single “No Romeo No Juliet” featuring Chris Brown.

Watch Fif hilariously spoof MTV’s “Cribs” below.